We are committed to engineering advanced technologies that enable the low carbon future. We have processes and solutions in place that assist in limiting the impact of operational activities on the environment

In 2021, Odira energy Karang Agung was established as a national oil & gas company with Integrated ISO (9001, 14001, 45001 & 37001) and Sistem Manajemen K3 (SMK3) RI. Although small in size, the nature of the work meant that our organization faced a relatively high level of risk.

Knowing this, we set out to improve, not only our own health, safety and environmental (HSE) practices, but also those of the diving industry which we served. As our portfolio of services has grown, we have continued to prioritize and advance our approach to HSE.


Key Principles

  1. Identify the environmental impact of our operations, ranging from worst-case to daily operations.
  2. Create an environmentally friendly atmosphere where resources are properly handled, processed, recycled and disposed.

Major Elements

  1. Risk managementĀ - environmental aspects and impacts
  2. Levels of protection
  3. Employee engagement
  4. Spill reporting
  5. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management
  6. Incident Management