• Rahmat Structure

    Rahmat structure is located on the eastern part of the block, was firstly discovered by an exploration well namely Penuguan-1. A pay zone was discovered in the Telisa sand at 208 mKB. Further exploration activity in the structure continued by a delineation drilling of Rahmat-1 in December 2009. Based on the DST test, a flow of 94% methane gas with a rate of 3.96 mmscfd was obtained. A gas certification study carried out by LEMIGAS on 2012 reported a gas in place of 1C = 7.548 BCF, 2C=20.14 BSCF, and 3C=36.4 BSCF

  • Kubu Structure

    Kubu structure is a three-way dip closure with Talangakar sandstone as the main reservoir objective. This structure has been drilled by three exploration wells. The presence of hydrocarbon is found in Kubu-1 well. Wells tests were performed in Baturaja Fm., and Talangakar Fm with a flow rate 1.2 MMSCFPD and 4.8 MMSCFPD + 16 bopd and 5 bwpd respectively. However, gas in the Kubu structure has high CO2 content (>60%).