• The Ridho was discovered through the drilling of Ridho-1 at 2009, where the accumulation of hydrocarbon has been found at Lemat and Talangakar intervals. The POD was approved on 1 December 2011.

  • PT. OEKA has done all of the commitments, including drilling Ridho-2, Ridho-3, and Ridho-4 in 2013 and Ridho-5 in 2014.

  • Currently, OEKA is in progress to work on OPL (Optimasi Pengembangan Lapangan) in order to increase the oil production.

  • The OOIP (2P) of Ridho Field is 10.212 MMSTB.

  • Several structures nearby Ridho have been identified which have a similar petroleum system and play to Ridho Field.